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Your ultimate buying guide for cotton quilt covers

Bedding Essentials

Quilt cover sets are the ultimate bedding essentials especially during colder seasons of the year. Other than their warmth, they also freshen up your bedroom’s theme and appearance. This is possible due to their wide range of colours and patterns, which allows you to go for the look you desire for your bedroom. One major shortcoming of super king quilt covers is that they get dirty fast and are hard to clean. Not to mention how their tear could be so costly especially considering their price tags.

Why Cotton Covers

Cotton quilt covers are hugely available on all retail and home furnishing homes. Other than the ease to shop for them, they are affordable, easy to clean and decorate your bedroom with. The availability of cotton quilt covers is a blessing but, on the other hand, a limitation. It creates a wide range of options to select from, complicating the shopping experience even more. Not to worry as we take you through the basics of shopping for cotton quilt cover sets.

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Types of Cotton

There are three major types of cotton quilt covers; pure cotton, Egyptian cotton and the cotton blend. Pure cotton may be susceptible to wrinkling but makes up for that with its diverse textiles and comfort. It’s an ideal option for kids bedding. Cotton blend is more resistant to wrinkling as it is a mixture of cotton and synthetic fibre. It dries fast, though. Egyptian cotton is susceptible to wrinkling but comes with a tighter and finer weave. It comes with beautiful patterns, and this makes them easy to shop for especially meant as personalised gifts.

Thread Counts

When choosing cotton bedding fabric such as cover, duvets or cushions, it’s important to consider its thread count. Thread count defines the number of weft and warp threads per square centimetre of fabric. For the ultimate comfort, consider a thread count of 200 and above for your cushion and other bedding.